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About The Band
We just can't stop rockin'...

Dilly Bibbons

Born on the Tyne Delta, Dilly Bibbons grew up carving guitars from Lowry's castoff paintbrush handles, and existing on black-eyed pease pudding. Then, one fateful day after going to Chester-le-Street crossroads, he sold his soul to the Breville, and many cheese and bacon toasties later he found the strength to get a proper job and buy some decent kit.
The rest, as they say, is history.

Crusty Wills


Spending much of his youth in Texas Homecare, Crusty realised he had bass tendencies, but quickly cast them aside and joined a blues band instead. A stickler for grooming, he always insists that his beard is washed every year and a  team of devoted groupies keeps  his cheap sunglasses sparkling.

Frankly, Weird

Frankly leads a double life as a pony express rider, ensuring that your mail gets through, braving the wrong kind of snow and attacks by hoodies. Formerly the drummer with Tres Hombre, Frankly's percussive prowess is legendary, and he's shaken a stick behind many top names in his long career.

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