Analogies to Pearly....

ZZ Eliminator have built up a not-too-shabby array of top class gear over the years, totally self sponsored through their own blood, sweat and beards!

The band can supply a top quality professional PA System up to 4K, with Turbosound  Cabs, Yamaha desk, C Audio amps, DB Technology bins and Carlsborough Monitors. 4000 Watts of pure clean power. All complimented by the best mics, the best cables and the best "Texas Boogie Tone" you ever did hear.

Contact for all PA queries is our sound engineer Rod on 07749 322335. We occasionally hire out to other bands (with engineer).

Dilly Bibbons
Dilly uses a combo guitar amp, finished in blue cowhide, succulently toned  with a stunning recipe of power and grit, drizzled with cream and blues jus. This isn't just an amplifier, this is a custom valved top of the range MESA BOOGIE LONESTAR amplifier...

Pure, undiluted Texas Boogie Tone, sharper than a barbed wire fence, hotter than a Jalapino Chile, smoother than a '59 Chevy V8, sweeter than a whole crate of Tequila....


Dilly has used various genuine, authentic geetars since  starting  the band, from his original Dean Explorer through to his current favourite:
"BILLYBURST" USA LES PAUL STANDARD, '59 Spec- just like Billy's, '59 pickups - just like Billy's, For that down home, wholesome Texas tone. Made when the moon was full; the body: book matched flame maple polished by Mexican conchitas, the neck: dark satin  rosewood cut on the 4th July, glue: just right, stirred with longhorn cattle horn, in fact every mojo came together in this geetar just fine and dandy..."perfect"!!


Fender Telecaster roadworn sunburst - looks like it's been dragged along Route 66 to the Mexican Desert, full of hot chile sauce and burns like the desert sun.




Hand made custom tobaccoburst ELIMICASTER. Specially commissioned to back up the other two main guitars. All  tone, no groan! With custom headstock and Rio Grande pickups



Crusty Wills
Z Style bass guitar in Korina proving just how low you can go, with bowel quivering  bass thundering through  specially modded Gallien Kruger amps and Ashdown cabs- "King of Bass Tone"!!

At times, should the mood take him, Crusty has also been known to use his Vintage tobacco sunburst Fender bass, soaked in years of sweat, beer and grime. Coming along  "Just nicely"!  Or maybe the custom Shuker, slinky and sleek, high gloss birds eye maple, hand made in deepest South Yorkshire...decisions!


Frankly, Weird

Photo  A MacKenzieFrankly plays his trusty vintage 7 piece blue Pearl Kit with 10. 12. 13 and 14 inch toms, 16" floor tom, 16" steel snare, 22" bass drum, 16" and 18" Paiste 2002 crash cymbals, 14" Paiste 2002 Hi Hats.

The drum seat, Frankly's most valued piece of kit, is reputed to have a base  forged from nails used to fix Ginger Baker's kit to the stage, the seat pad stuffed with Jimi Hendrix's hair and covered in rattlesnake skin. Certainly it rattles.

Banner and Guitar Images:  Live & Gigging;  Drum Kit: Allan Mckenzie